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Ao Smith Insufficient Hot Water

the most common instant geyser problems include insufficient hot water. One reason for this could be an undersized heater whereas some others include faults with parts such as electric thermostat, gas pilot, heating element or pilot control valve. Sometimes, certain parts get loose due to continued use and this too could be the reason for inadequate hot water. If you happen to identify the damaged part, you must either get it repaired or replaced

Ao Smith Noisy Instant Geyser

In some cases, instant geysers become too noisy and this too can prove to be a big problem. If you hear popping or rumbling noises coming out from the geyser then this means water boiling at the bottom of the water tank and is because of accumulation of sediment. You can solve this by flushing the water heater. If you hear loud high pitched whirring sounds then this is indicative of scale substance accumulation on the heating

Ao Smith Excessively Hot Water

Another common instant geyser problem is excessively hot water. If you hear sounds of boiling water then this means that water is getting too hot. This may also result in emissions of steam or hot water from the faucets. For this the pressure as well as temperature settings need to be checked and adjustments must be made wherever necessary. This could be due to wrong placement of pressure valve as well. If any of these parts are damaged, they must be replaced through a professional.

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